Litepaper and Roadmap
Jun 14, 20224 min read
Litepaper and Roadmap

Cleanthes Studios

A Posthumous NFT Art Memoir of Teddy Cleanthes

Objective: To create a permanent blockchain archive of the works of the late Teddy Cleanthes, while simultaneously creating a space for his son Carl to continue his legacy with post-mortem collaborative art. 

Artist:  Teddy Cleanthes and Carl Cleanthes.  (more about the team here)

Curators: Carl Cleanthes,  and his wife Alden Cleanthes.

Description: Prepared by his son Carl, this NFT collection is based on original works of art by Teddy spanning from the 1960s to 2016. 

Auction Time: Saturday, January 25th, 2022, at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard time (EST)

Bidding Minimum: 0.3 Eth

Bidding Website:

Blockchain: Polygon (minimal gas fees required per transaction)

Rarity: 1 of 1 NFTs based on original work of art in physical form.  Every NFT sale will also include the original work of art (OWA). 

Scarcity: 72 individual pieces in the 1st collection:  Faces of a Mad Artist: 1st Ed.

(There are roughly 600 more unique, pieces of art that will be minted as each collection sell, from the base collection of original work by Teddy Cleanthes, currently owned by his son Carl Cleanthes). 




Road Map

  1. Launch Collection 1,  Faces of a Mad Artist: 1st Ed. - 72 1/1 NFTs with OWA
  2. Mint Collections 2 - 9 in a similar fashion ~ 600 more pieces
    • The floor price for each new collection will be the lowest price from the previous collection
    • There are 4 distinct styles
      • Abstract Faces 
      • Watercolor abstracts 
      • Splatter Abstracts
      • Abstract Line Art Sketches (of Faces)
  3. Mint Lost Originals.  
    • Carl has a vast library of digital images of other works of art from Teddy, whose originals are long lost (not counted in the 600+).  Carl will remaster the digital image, release an NFT.  We will look for an NFT printing partner that can do high-quality 1 of 1 prints.  They will be signed and authenticated by Carl as being "The Official Print" of that NFT.
  4. Complete the Collection Campaign - Once all of Carl's personal collection is minted.  We will begin searching for previous originals Teddy made and sold throughout his life.  We will then mint those on the blockchain and give them to the art owners. 
    • This will be an ongoing campaign by Carl to attempt to completely immortalize all of the body of work of his father Teddy in the blockchain. 
  5. Posthumous Collaboration - "Colorful Carl" will continue his live stream collaborative art campaign.  The show is aimed at celebrating the creative genius and total insanity that was Teddy Cleanthes all while continuing his creative legacy through me, his son, by breathing new life into his old works.  This often includes a mashup of several of Teddy's pieces combined with the illustration and design skills of Carl, to make something completely new.  
    • An example of this can be seen here.  Swipe left and right to see the images used in this piece.
      • An official, Signed and Printed 1 of 1 copy of the new digital art NFT will be offered to the buyer as well.
    • Future collaboration will include animation as well. An example of this can be seen here.